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NonWater spray
offers invisible protection for
your clothes and footwear


Are you familiar with any of these issues ?

Salt, mud and reagents destroy expensive footwear in a few months
Care of delicate fabrics is a very time-consuming process
Brightly coloured suede footwear doesn’t take bad or rainy weather very well
The back of trousers are always covered with mud

The NON Water sprays are a perfect solution!


The advantages of NON Water spray

Invisible, does not change colour or texture of a material
Offers full protection for up to 3 months, which makes it about 10 times more durable than any other water repellents
Does not alter vapor or air permeability, making the clothes and footwear breathable
The waterproof effect is significantly better compared to other water repellents
Does not contain solvents, thus is harmless for such sensitive materials as suede or nubuck
Can be applied to any kind of fabric, suede, nubuck and other porous surfaces
How it works
A very efficient product for protecting your clothes and footwear from water damage. The innovative technology forms a ramified (unsmooth) nanoscale structure inside the pores and on the surface of a material. When applied to a surface, NonWater forms an invisible coating which gives unique water proof properties to your clothes and footwear. As a result, the surface interaction with water and its solutions is absolutely minimal, and the self-cleaning effect is achieved without loss of air permeability.

Tips for effective use

Clean and dry your footwear
Distribute evenly
Dry for 24 hours
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How do I wash the processed clothes if they repel water and its solutions?

Soap solutions have high moisturizing capability, or, in scientific terms, low value of surface tension. Due to this property, even superhydrophobic surfaces are susceptible to water, and dirt can be effectively removed. It means that washing of a superhydrophobic item could be done in a usual way.

Is an item treated with NonWater still waterproof after washing?

Detergent solutions decrease waterproof qualities of an item treated with NonWater. After the machine wash and use of a laundry detergent the protection must be re-applied. If the treated item is regularly hand washed in warm or hot water, using soap instead of a laundry detergent, the protective coating can last much longer, up to ten washes.

How can I remove dense, sticky pollutants (silt, liquid fats, etc.) from surface under treatment?

Such pollutants as liquid fats, thick ketchup, wet clay or silt may stain the surface under treatment because of their viscosity. Remove them by simply washing the surface with clean running water or drying it with a paper tissue, depending on a type of pollutant.

How long does the superhydrophobic effect last after the NonWater treatment?

The period of effectiveness depends on the texture of a material, its porosity, endurance, flexibility, etc. Another factor is the quantity of applied repellent and intensity of usage.

For example, suede boots, worn a few days per week and regularly cleaned of dust, may retain the superhydrophobic properties for more than 2 months. Even when the superhydrophobic effect wears off, the footwear will remain waterproof for another few months.

Can I apply the superhydrophobic NonWater repellent to linen or underwear?

Not recommended. The hygienic standards require linen and underwear to absorb and drain body perspiration. Superhydrophobic surfaces prevent absorption and draining of perspiration, which is harmful for the skin. Hydrophobic socks must be worn only on top of hydrophilic (i.e. not treated with a hydrophobic agent and absorbing).

In this case, the first pair of socks absorbs the perspiration while the second pair protects from external moisture. A membrane ski jacket functions in a more or less similar way.

What materials can be waterproofed with NonWater?

NonWater gives superhydrophobic properties to almost any porous uneven surfaces, such as: hosiery, suede, felt, nubuck, wood, brick, concrete, carton.

This proofer is perfect for such items as: footwear, outerwear, hats, umbrellas (no need to dry them), furniture upholstery, car interior, carpets, tablecloths, pets’ clothes, working clothes, travel gear, building materials, bags and covers for hardware, etc.

Can I apply the NonWater spray on human or animal hair to make them waterproof?

Not recommended. As human or animal hair is not structurally compatible with the repellent, it will not gain any significant waterproof properties.

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